Demo, what do you even do and why are you doing this?

I’m an emerging writer who wants to have his own space to publish. I want to engage with pop culture and media in more meaningful ways. The majority of the pop culture I consume tends to deal with: identity, sexuality, language, gender, and so forth. I want to expand on and think about what those themes mean in the context of their work.

Alright, I’m interested. What does this mean for me, the Reader?

Thanks, Reader. For you, I would say it would just mean subscribing and reading. If you subscribe, you will receive this newsletter in your inbox each week (most likely Sundays). You can also read past newsletters archived on the main blog -

After you read each newsletter, you also have the option to correspond. I fully encourage you to do so. I love hearing what others have to say. Send me things like: recommendations on other readings that have inspired you, thoughts you might have on what I have to say, or new ways I can see certain topics.

If you enjoy my writing and think others might as well, please share the subscription link. The subscription link will appear on the main page of the blog. You can subscribe any time you’d like.

Will this cost me anything?

Nope, it is entirely free. All you have to do is subscribe by email.

How frequently will I receive this newsletter?

Currently, the plan is to send one out every week or so. I set that goal up for myself, really, but I am not constraining myself to that goal. If there are longer topics or ideas that need to be developed more, I might take some more time to give more nuanced content and that would mean delayed posts. But I think, from the start, I will try my best to send once a week.

Great! Thanks! I don’t think I have anymore questions.

Awesome, I appreciate all your questions.

Happy reading!